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because learning music should be enjoyable and doable!

Inspired By Passion
“Music expresses that which cannot be put into words and that which cannot remain silent.” -Victor Hugo

Music Lessons



From basic strum patterns to barre chords and riffs, learn all this rich instrument has to offer.



Train the instrument you were born with (your voice!) and discover the range of your singing potential.



Learn to play a variety of songs and chords on this amazing, easily portable instrument.



Learn chords, notes, dynamics, and rhythm on this beautifully  timeless instrument.


You CAN do this!
Mrs. Shana
Founder, Musician

Simple Mission

Make music simple enough for anyone to understand! We offer one-to-one and group lessons at reasonable prices (with sliding scales) so you can spread your musical wings and take off in less time than you think! 


What Our Students Say About Us

This is what I need for my soul. My old classes weren’t fun, but yours are really good. I loved it. 😻
Eva Luna Bido
9 years old
I had the pleasure of having Mrs. Shana as my piano teacher years ago. Mrs. Shana taught me the basics of piano and guitar, which has laid a strong foundation for me to continue learning how to express myself musically many years down the road! Her great love and talent for singing and playing instruments truly shows in her teaching. She is very passionate about showing her students the magic of music beyond the technicalities. I highly recommend Mrs. Shana if you are looking for a music teacher to teach your children not only how to play, but to also have a long-lasting love for music!
Kim Pabaira
Taught at age 15, now 25
My 9 yo daughter had been begging to have voice lessons and we are so happy we found Mrs. Shana. My daughter is normally a shy kid but she has opened up and is learning to sing more freely from Mrs. Shana. Even though the lessons have been via video, my daughter looks forward to her lessons and they are the absolute hi-light of her week! Mrs. Shana is loving and encouraging, and makes each lesson so fun.
Judy Jou
Founder of EleStory, Mommy & Me Outfits
Mrs. Shana is teaching my three boys (10, 8 and 6 years old) piano and ukelele, and they love their classes. I love her approach to music, and teaching, and am so happy we found her. My youngest has also had Mrs. Shana as a [music] teacher in Kindergarten in the music program in our district, and she was amazing with the Kindergarten class as well.
Emily Bond
Doctor and proud Mom of 3

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