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Chords, Strumming, fingerpicking.

Group rates start $115 monthly including free Songbook

Private rates start $140 monthly

Sliding scale available and FREE trials! 

Learn in 1-2 months! 

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Bolster your singing abilities & learn breathing, pitch, rhythm, & more!

Group class: Fridays @ 4 PM PST. ONLY $60 per month, Go to SIgn Me Up!

Private rates start $180 monthly.  Sliding scale available and free trial!  

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You will love being able to play the uke everywhere you go! 

Group rates start $115 per month including free Songbook for beginners.

Intermefdiate Class: Thursdays and Saturdays

Learn privately in 1 month: $180 

Sliding scale available and free trial!


Once you get going, it is hard to stop! 

Piano superstars ages 5+ Sundays 5 PM

Group rates start $115 monthly. (Please ensure student already has keyboard or piano)

Learn Privately in 1 month: $180

Sliding scale available and free trial!

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